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We laugh, and then we become quiet listening to the sound of traffic, the old bolero music sounds from the stereo and waiting what the other will say next.



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It’s been a couple of months now since we got back from our Euro travels and I can finally say that I have...








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It was Valentine’s Day. Recently. We had just gotten back from getting all of our secret ingredients for the special one-of-a-kind pizza sauce. Love had apparently been in the Trader Joe’s air with its empty flower shelves. The empty shelves reminded me of some thoughts and feelings I had throughout the week. Running our business […]

Clients always ask us what are some of our favorite parts of weddings. I love people and details. I love to hear people speak their own words of appreciation for the couple when its time for speeches and toasts. Victor always says that he likes to watch the daughter and father dance for his reason […]

It wasn’t an exactly love at first sight kind of meeting, but it was definitely a writing kind of meeting. They were both set on looking for new activities to do on campus. So Stephanie decided to join a co-ed fraternity. It was initiation night and not just for official enrollment into the fraternity; a […]

Right after our European tour last year, I realized that I had grown so much more pride for my home in the Bay Area. We live in a world-renowned location, and I’d only gone to discover beautiful sceneries in Napa when photographing weddings. I realized that Victor and I live just 20 minutes away from […]

We have been holding out on you. We took our time in sharing this wedding because it’s one that is ever so precious for our books because of these two souls: Anne and Steve. Their wedding took place in a garden that hosted our own. You can say we’re a little biased and maybe unfair, […]

It’s February, and it feels as if we’re finally settling into the new year. After coming back from a 17-day sabbatical at the beginning of the year, I felt a slight unease at getting back into the swing of things. Victor, our assistant, and I sat down to really hash out new systems, content ideas, […]

As you’ve probably read from our previous post, we cannot complain about an awesome-challenging-beautiful-sometimes unexpected 2017 year. We had the esteemed chance to be a tiny part of 20 new families. Families we wholeheartedly know will triumph, grow, change, but ever remain in love. We peered into many personal stories, witnessed once-in-a-lifetime moments and just […]

This is our very first entry in the 2018 year, and we are starting off with a few laughs too many at our behind the scenes post! This is our annual-funny faces- what really happens- to get the shot post. We say this often, and we can’t say it enough, that we’re incredibly blessed to […]

We were granted with the most incredible blessing of being to visit Victor’s side of the family for the Holidays in Guatemala. As Victor waited out his long immigration process in the States for more than a decade he had yet to spend with Christmas or New Years with parents and his sister since. This […]

“My family is everything. It’s my legacy, my reason for being and my ground I step on to reach” Professor Huerta graciously declared while we asked him what family means to him. Words could never ring any truer especially this Holiday season. Marco and his lovely wife got married just about 10 years ago and […]