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We’re Back! A Snippet of our European Travels

It’s like a dream. It was as if I blinked and we’re now back in our humble and cozy bedroom at home full of puppy love. We’ve been home for about 2 weeks now since our sabbatical in Europe. You may have noticed a period of a few weeks without posts here, but we couldn’t let another day go by without letting you know about how grateful we are. We are so grateful as a family, as artists, and as humans to be able to see so much. I ventured off before Victor to Normandy to attend a film photography workshop. Our continuing education has so much value in our business, so we decided to invest a little extra this time–to believe a bit more in ourselves in what we can learn and understand.

After the workshop, Victor and I finally reunited and we lingered around Paris then flew to Rome. We visited the Vatican Museum; saw the Sistine Chapel among a few things. After a week of pasta, pizza, and pepperoni, we flew back to London. We didn’t expect anything from London living, but after biking through Kensington Gardens while brunching at Whole Foods, you could say we were smitten. So much that we even looked into living costs in Wimbledon!

There’s so much to share. There is so much inspiration that we took back with us. We’re even planning a few projects abroad to have the perfect excuse to go back and even stay a little longer. You heard it here first! We cannot wait to get our film scans back to show you a bit more of this long-awaited adventure of our dreams.

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