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Paramount Theatre: Victor’s US Citizenship Ceremony

Maybe you heard a little bit of Victor’s story, my husband. You’ll know that he loves to give and is considered the quieter one of the two of us. We’ve been sharing this win with our close friends, family and recently seen clients. A few Tuesdays ago, Victor was invited to attend his oath ceremony for his U. S. Citizenship! I was a proud wife and couldn’t wait to shout it from the rooftops when the letter arrived about three months ago. My paralegal experience helped us a little in the filing after a long trail of paperwork, we finally received his letter confirming his official appointment, and we felt relief after 4 years of being in his immigration process!

Although it was just about three months ago when he attended his ceremony, this journey to citizenship started decades ago. He describes it like this:

“It was like a dream. For a long time, I would see family members and people around me adjusting their immigration status, and I seemed to be stuck in a long wait. It was hard to celebrate their wins when I was waiting for almost a decade for mine. When I entered the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, I felt slightly nervous but overjoyed. I couldn’t help but tear up when we all pledged allegiance to the flag because for so many times I heard it, but this time I was genuinely pledging allegiance to the USA. It was surreal to be within 1300 people–1300 stories of journey and mine was recognized that day. Mine was a long journey but sitting next to me was a 70-year-old woman, and I assume that her wait was longer. I felt contagious joy all around me. There was also a couple sitting in front of me that were from Sri Lanka and when their country was announced they celebrated with a kiss to one another. It was a theatre full of stories and emotions. I feel privileged and proud to be a part of this nation and grateful to my wife, Tanya for this opportunity. ”

Afterward, we celebrated with a light brunch at the very delicious Grand Lake Kitchen near Lake Merrit with the renowed Savory French Toast and of course, a hamburger and fries.

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