Above anything else, it’s all about love because the greatest thing
we could ever do is love.

It’s about the short bursts of joy, moments that are fleeting yet everlasting. It’s about the abundance of organic happenings woven into a tapestry of a love story and the wholehearted people that make it a legacy. We aim to serve our couples with heart and joy–photographs that will paint their love story in a complete journey.

Although as much as we say that this is for them, in reality, we shoot it for the future granddaughter that will one day hold these memories in her hands searching for a piece of family history. It's hard to put into words what we do since we look at it beyond a photographic service.

Tanya & Victor Bride and Groom

We’ll ‘follow’ each other and ‘friend’ them in our T&V virtual world as well as in real life. Our photographic relationship turns into an intimate one and after the wedding date, we’ll receive Christmas cards, baby announcements and big news like buying a house!


Throughout each relationship with our brides and grooms we’ve found commonalities and unique traits in each journey.

We are gifted with the opportunity to see all of them to grow old together while also remembering where it all started.

Like us, they love their families, friendship matters and they believe that it's in the details and small moments that make it beautiful! Places like Paris and Rome will move us, but there’s nothing quite as sweet as home.

Making the Dream Last


Our California wedding coverage starts at


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foR more info

contact us foR more info

- Beautiful wedding day high-resolution images 
- Optional Engagement session to get you both comfortable in front of the camera •
- Wedding timeline consultation so you don’t have to stress about your wedding day photography •
- Magazine guides to help you get the most out of your wedding photography experience •
- Complimentary wedding registry for albums, prints, and more products •
- Incredible peace of mind over your wedding photography with a luxury experience

Our collections include:

city hall Weddings

We love elopements & courthouse weddings!

We also serve couples looking to have a shorter and more private affair, while also craving an unforgettable wedding experience. Get in touch with us to learn more about our "Elopement" experience with tips and advice on how to plan for one of the most memorable moments of your lives at the beautiful San Francisco City Hall.


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the secret is ...


"Wow!!!!!!! I can't say wow enough!


You guys have spoiled us so much and we are feeling SO blessed that you made our day and beyond, so special! 

I cried when we got our photos! Derek and I are beyond thrilled that we got to work with you guys! Thank you so much for all the love and support!"

Your commitment to creating special moments, out of the most spontaneous moments for your couples, creates an everlasting memory with each thoughtful gift you sent us.

- Natalie & Rafael

"Not only were you both so attentive and caring throughout the engagement and wedding, but this added extra gift with our album delivery is above and beyond.

So many memories have been made and documented because of you too, beyond the photos, that I cannot thank you enough."

"Tanya and Victor are simply amazing artists and photographers.

- Cynthia & Daniel

We will be having you travel with us in our life journey to capture more special moments. You're stuck with usThank you sooo very much for being a part of our special day as well as capturing our special moments."


We love to have an engagement session included in our collections with the reason to get to know you better before the wedding. We view this as our practice shoot before the big day where the ice is melted and you get comfortable in front of our cameras. Plus you get to use your photographs as part of your wedding details. You also have the option to go without, if you feel it excessive, but we believe you’re missing out on some session fun!

We do! Our second most popular kind of session are maternity and family sessions especially around the Holidays. Feel free to get in contact for more information on our portraiture work.

We love to travel and we specialize in destination weddings. We like adventure and the experience of discovering new places. We’ll photograph many weddings and love stories in the Bay Area but we love to travel coast to coast and offer reasonable travel rates. We love shooting international weddings and have experience shooting abroad. We also serve couple’s who’s nuptials will be a destination affair in our Napa and San Francisco areas.

At this time we do not include videography services in our collections for the sole reason that we love to focus and concentrate our energy at what we're best and that is capturing your day in photographs. Although, we have friends that are excellent videographers and have partnered with them seamlessly in previous events. Ask us about them!

Yes! We’re passionate about printing especially in a digital age where everything is scrollable and ‘likable’. We believe wedding albums become one of your first family heirlooms that you will share with future generations. We often remind our couples that all the planning and details are for the wedding album to be able to look back on and remember how it all started.

Being located so close to the famous San Francisco City Hall has allowed us to be a part of more intimate love stories and shorter wedding events. We have separate information for those who feel a little bit more spontaneous and are interested in getting eloped. Having eloped ourselves, we completely relate to wanting more of an intimate affair. We also offer great tips and advice on getting married at San Francisco City Hall. Feel free to contact us for more information.