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We laugh, and then we become quiet listening to the sound of traffic, the old bolero music sounds from the stereo and waiting what the other will say next.



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It’s been a couple of months now since we got back from our Euro travels and I can finally say that I have...








Paris Travel Guide

It was a crispy winter day at the top of a hill with golden hour luring overhead. The cherry red vintage car gave a big welcome with Santa’s wine shop right next to it. Ram’s Gate does the Holidays with style. Each corner was like  slice from a movie set. I came to photograph some […]

Laure and John are no strangers in our studio. From the moment we met them in person at their iconic engagement session at the Oracle Arena, Victor and I knew that we lucked out crossing paths with them. This was my 4th time photographing them and I felt incredibly honored to be able to know […]

There’s nothing better than a good excuse to shop than a Holiday soirée. I’m excited to say that our studio now offers a wardrobe as part of our photoshoot experience. Thus, I’m always on the hunt for precious pieces to complete our studio wardrobe. I look high and low for dresses that are classic, flattering, […]

This photoshoot was an incredible experience. This was my 4th time photographing this mother-daughter duo and it was a ‘just-because-shoot’. Aside from the many life endeavors and celebrations, there was no particular milestone they were celebrating other than appreciating life. Sachary (the mom) was a young mom, and as her best friend, I found myself […]

Aspiring photographer with plans to see a little bit of the world before commencing her college track, Meggie graduates from Alameda Science and Technology in 2020.  I met Meggie through her parents, who also own their small business in San Rafael. After meeting Meggie from Alameda Science and Technology Institute, she was looking for someone […]

A Grandview Classic affair She turned around the corner to meet him. She took a deep breath with the feeling of butterflies fluttering everywhere. Troy faced the direction of the view–the Grand view of beautiful San Jose and its majestic mountains towering the city. He looked on until he felt the touch of Christina light […]

It was a simple introduction. Cyrell’s best friend since middle school introduced Ali to her. There were no expectations and they exchanged hello’s and went on their way. It probably was chance or the normal course of life, but they found themselves spending more and more time with their group of mutual friends. They were […]

A Californian Cowboy Wedding Affair It wasn’t exactly a shotgun wedding, but it had all kinds of shotguns around because this wasn’t just a wedding, no this was a ‘weddin’ day (cue the slight tang). Susan and Clayton’s cowboy wedding day took place in Clayton’s family ranch, the Wiedemann Ranch in Pleasanton. The whole ranch […]

It was recently my 30th birthday. Recently as in June, early June. We love to showcase our work and findings, plus these milestones in our lives. When I first started our photography studio business, I was oblivious to many things, but never did I think I would discover so much about myself. So now at […]

Call us crazy. Call us romantics. Call us whatever you may, but know that we are uber excited to announce here that we’re headed to Europe once again! Last year, you can read here, we had the supreme and life-long dream come true of visiting one of our bucket-list places: Paris, Rome and London! Talk […]