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3 Reasons Why You Need to Take This on Your Next Travel Trip

You have most of your checklist checked off and about to close the luggage or zip it all up before heading to the airport. Most likely, you’ve been looking forward to the trip and the next adventure, and if you’re like me you’ve been tallying up the days until take off! You have a hat, sunnies, passport or ID, and most importantly your camera phone or camera. But here’s why you should consider an alternative tool for documenting your travels.

Traveling whether locally or via airplane is not an easy endeavor. Even those who travel every week for work or every day can attest the exhaustion and the lag that follows any journey. At times you take on more events that your weekly routine and there are hundreds of moments happening all at once (much like a wedding day). Sometimes its easy to video log it all or instastory it all, but what happens after the trip is over and it has been months since you last watched your excursions.

In almost every trip Victor and I have taken our little Canon AE-1. What is a Canon AE-1, you ask? Why it’s a film camera that’s 35mm. It’s small, fits any of our bags, it almost simulates a toy with its quirky sound but takes some breathtaking captures on film. This film camera practically always comes with us at any new event we’re attending for fun and each trip we make. We love that it’s been with us longer than any other camera we currently own.

Why invest in a 35mm camera when you have your smartphone that takes some fantastic pictures? Why rewind time and make things a little harder on yourself if it’s now easy? Here’s why:

1. It’s compact size almost equates to the size of any modern phone, but it’s safer to carry especially in parts of town where you’re not too familiar with the areas. It’s no surprise that that tourists are the number one target of crime and we’ve been hearing more and more reports of fancy cameras getting stolen. A 35 mm camera deceives your average pickpockets, and it’s most likely that it’s cheaper than a modern day phone. Although there are 35mm that are collector’s items, most range an average between $50 (or even less) to a solid $150. Get shopping at your local camera shop!

2. It forces you to be present. Most people nowadays live a moment through the screen of their phone. A 35 mm film camera, you only have so many exposures on a roll of film and makes you think about your documenting. You have to slow down and enjoy the moment worth capturing instead of taking 100 photos of the same angle which then takes up too much virtual storage. Most people only end up posting or using one, and quite often it just stays on your phone. Capturing a moment also means to savor it but also to treat it uniquely as we never know what tomorrow holds.

3. It doesn’t just stay on your phone; it has to be developed. Why we love film cameras so much is that to see your captures, it forces you to print! Which you’ll know is one of our heart core values in our business. Every time we get our film scans back from jobs or personal work, it feels like Christmas morning. It’s so beautiful to re-discover these moments tangibly. After you hold your negatives or prints in your hand, it becomes easy to hang, frame or gift as a personal souvenir.

We recently went through this process with our recent travels to Guatemala. Just a day ago, we got all of our scans back from our trip, and I can’t tell you how nostalgic but grateful we felt in going through our photos. But how do you get started with the purchase of a film camera? And how do you even photograph? Stay tuned for our new analog series on the blog. We’re so excited to be able to share our insight on one of our most favorite topics! Don’t believe us check out the #filmisnotdead tag online and you’ll see how its thriving! Stay tuned These are from our lasty years travels to France These are a some captures from our road trip to the ghost town of Bodie in California. Tahoe, a California classicA view from the rooftops of GuatemalaYosemite Some takes from our trip to Maui a few years backThis is a local beach in Half Moon BayCalistoga on Labor DayThe Big Apple

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