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It’s been a couple of months now since we got back from our Euro travels and I can finally say that I have...



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Throughout this journey of life, we meet many people along the way. Each one has a purpose in our life. No one we meet is ever a coincidence.” I find this Mimi Novic quote so appropriate as we say thank you for being a part of our studio. There’s no doubt that this year was […]

It was recently my 30th birthday. Recently as in June, early June. We love to showcase our work and findings, plus these milestones in our lives. When I first started our photography studio business, I was oblivious to many things, but never did I think I would discover so much about myself. So now at […]

By Victor Rodriguez We are about to start our wedding 2018 season, and it’s so exciting! For that same reason, along with Tanya we are preparing in every way possible, from our photography gear, our transportation (we got new wheels!), learning constantly, and seeking inspiration. We love what we do, and it’s of the greatest […]

Bare with me as I bare my heart a little on here. For the last 6 years, I’ve learned how to manage a business, become a better artist in my craft while executing each job above and beyond client’s expectations. I’ve learned and continue to do this all while remaining 1000% authentic and genuinely me. […]

It’s an unrefuted fact that any relationship will have their moments of disagreements, bliss, happiness, and quite often moments of nuances in between. Victor and I have had our fair share of moments we where don’t exactly see eye to eye, but we can always meet in the middle. It’s this thing called marriage you […]

It was Valentine’s Day. Recently. We had just gotten back from getting all of our secret ingredients for the special one-of-a-kind pizza sauce. Love had apparently been in the Trader Joe’s air with its empty flower shelves. The empty shelves reminded me of some thoughts and feelings I had throughout the week. Running our business […]

We were granted with the most incredible blessing of being to visit Victor’s side of the family for the Holidays in Guatemala. As Victor waited out his long immigration process in the States for more than a decade he had yet to spend with Christmas or New Years with parents and his sister since. This […]

Maybe you heard a little bit of Victor’s story, my husband. You’ll know that he loves to give and is considered the quieter one of the two of us. We’ve been sharing this win with our close friends, family and recently seen clients. A few Tuesdays ago, Victor was invited to attend his oath ceremony […]

Dear Victor, So you’re off to get your regular haircut right now with your favorite barber in preparation for our wedding today. But I had to take a few minutes to say how grateful I am that you’re reaching another milestone in life. I know you would love to hang out watching the sunset with […]

It’s like a dream. It was as if I blinked and we’re now back in our humble and cozy bedroom at home full of puppy love. We’ve been home for about 2 weeks now since our sabbatical in Europe. You may have noticed a period of a few weeks without posts here, but we couldn’t […]