Personal Branding Photography Session Marin County | Diana Tuquero

Portrait Editorial Photographer San Rafael, CA | Diana’s Photoshoot

She soars everywhere she goes. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. The beautiful Diana has a permanent passport in her hand and with that, she flies, sees, and thrives wherever she lands. There isn’t a place she wouldn’t hit the ground running or cycling. Her love for the outdoors and for people is one of a kind. From the Philippines to Florida, to Florence, Diana has friends scattered everywhere. She’s unforgettable and leaves a permanent mark in people’s hearts. 

Diana’s story as a woman in her military upbringing traveling throughout the world, taught her resilience. She admitted unabashedly that she felt a little awkward in her skin in her adolescent years. She wasn’t treated the kindest and sometimes the pressure of getting to know a new place segregated her from forming relationships. Now with a young daughter of her own, her unapologetic beautiful spirit speaks volumes. Her open heart, open mind invites anyone sitting across from her in to her world, the grace she walks in. She’s on her own track and is peddling to her own speed.

I invited her to my studio about 3 months ago. I love her physique and look and thought she would be a gorgeous model for a more editorial look. She instantly accepted even though her job’s demands minimized her availability, we made it work. She came in and it was as if no time had passed by. My long time friend of 2 years came in beaming without as much as a shred of camera timidness. 

We styled her in clothes and sometimes even re-styled her pieces to look a little more avant-garde. I loved her seriousness, her grace, and the way she shined in every frame. We had moments of playtime and moments of ‘work, work, work…’ It’s undeniably true that she’s easy on the eyes and even more so on my lens. Her portrait editorial went beyond my vision. I wish we could re-do it again! 





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