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Marshall Beach, San Francisco Engagement: Kara & Nick

It had been a couple of years since they first laid eyes on each other at their workplace. They worked great together, got things done efficiently in the most productive manner, but their teamwork chemistry continued after hours. Nick was slightly in a different chapter, and Kara was smitten with his caring ways and authentic smile. After an extended work date, it turned into a real date, it quickly became the beginning of a new friendship and then relationship.

Her adventurous soul dared him to new heights. They both brought so much travel insight to their dates, that it wasn’t a surprise when they ventured off to the Swiss Alps last summer. Being an avid hiker, Kara trained to hike in the cold temperature and Nick, followed in her suit. In the middle of blankets of snow, amidst the foreign 360-degree sights and somewhat freezing temperature Nick finally pulled the little gem he had been holding onto the whole journey up there. He stopped in her tracks (literal tracks), she turned to see him and saw the sunbeam on him while he professed how much it would mean to him to spend the rest of his life as her husband. It was a heavenly moment. The sight of him, the background, the journey up there, was so significant and as a little-frozen tear welled up her eyes, she smiled her biggest smile and said ‘yes.’ She threw her arms over his tall self and couldn’t believe that this was happening.

As she narrated this to me on the way back from her engagement session, we could feel how divinely everything aligned for them. Kara wanted to bring some of those elements in her session, and after a couple of dates of rescheduling due to March showers, we finally were able to capture a slice of their story together on this venture to forever. The hike to Marshall beach was a piece of cake for them but at each stop was a new marvel and wonder of a background. It wasn’t the Swiss Alps, but it was a creation nonetheless that could only be made by something bigger than this universe much like their love for one another. The tall Golden Gate Bridge made a cameo, timeless just like their souls.

Kara and Nick, we can’t even describe to you how grateful we are to capture your story. May 19th will be that much more beautiful and not because Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are also tying the knot on the day too, but because together you two bring more love, more adventure, more heaven on earth together. See you soon!

Locations: Lover’s Lane Trail, Presidio, San Francisco & Battery to Bluffs Trail, Marshal Beach San Francisco

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