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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Us

So you may know that we’re wedding photographers and that at times we shoot a session or two here and there. While doing some content writing for our new website, (which is close to finally being published!) We wrote a special section about things that you may or may not know about us. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these are the 10 things we never thought we’d share post!

Victor and I are full of quirks and things other than whimsical-loving-wedding traits. These are a few that we’ll reveal today!
We love to…
TO visit GUatemala-10 of our favorite things-2
  1. Travel to Guatemala to see Victor’s Family. As you may or may not know Victor’s a Guatemalan transplant whose roots have not completely outgrown. We try very hard to see his growing family and usually have tearful goodbyes at airports when coming back. Coffee- 10 of our favorite things-6
  2. Discover new coffee places because if you didn’t know already we’re coffee addicts. We’ll frequently pretend as if we’re coffee critiques on the verge of discovering the latest and greatest in the Bay Area. We’ve tallied up more hits than misses!To cook 10 of our favorite things-7
  3. Cooking together especially making homemade pizza. One of the first things we did early on in our relationship to spend time together was to cook together. Whether it was a good ceviche, homemade burger or tacos, we loved creating delicious eats. (He doesn’t admit it, but he’s usually the sous chef)to hike 10 of our favorite things-3
  1. To hike all over the Bay Area. We’re always keeping an eye on our friends’ posts about pretty places in Marin and beyond. We usually have a slight disagreement on whether or not we can bring Sonny and Cher because Cher is a little territorial. We love to be able to venture out into the woods because it’s free and oh-so-good for our souls so much that we’ve even gotten lost (once or twice with no signal, how on earth we ever made it back, I’ll never know). Our Havapoos (sonny and cher)10 of our favorite things-4
  2. Hang out with Sonny and Cher our havapoo children. We keep getting asked when are the kids coming and we always think about replying that we already have our hands full with Sonny and Cher.  From their unconditional love and heartwarming greets at the door to the way they nibble their treats, they melt our hearts!To Dance in the Kitchen -10 of our favorite things-9
  3. Dance even when there’s no music playing in our kitchen. We live for spontaneous moments and think that that’s what life should really be about. We especially take a twirl or two when Celia Cruz comes on our Marshall amp. To Travel-10 of our favorite things-1
  4. Wanderlust. We’re not these big jet setters or haven’t ever left the Northern American Continent (maybe once, does Hawaii count?) but we often dream about moving to a different country. We definitely think that we have yet to discover so much and we can’t wait to put more pins our world map. Now, to just conquer the fear of flying….Watch Netflix 10 of our favorite things-108. Binge on a good Netflix series. Who doesn’t nowadays? We don’t have cable and we’re fine because Netflix fills us in on great series. From the Gilmore Girls to the Marvel Series, Daredevil or impressive Spanish Cinema, the list goes on! Sonny and Cher usually join with a bag of gluten free chips and avocados. Going to church and being part of our community 10 of our favorite things-89. Volunteer in our Church and serve our community. Having been raised in a church and tallying up thousands of Sunday attendance, we love being a part of something bigger than ourselves. We met in church and got to be friends in church, so naturally, church for us is a part of our weekly lives. We find ourselves being challenged to be better neighbors, spouses, family members and friends. The anxieties and worries that weigh our hearts down subside. We also love to get involved in community projects and volunteer when time permits us. We find so much fulfillment in serving others.San Francisco-10 of our favorite things-5
  1. San Francisco. A huge part of our story takes place in SF and we wanted to live in the City for so long, but things never aligned for us to do so. Whenever we get the chance to hang out, shoot, dine or just pass time, San Francisco will often be our next stop. We’re just 20 minutes away (on a good traffic day) and we rarely go to the same place twice, unless it’s on Valencia and Guerrero 😉
Apologies if we failed to report anything scandalous but this is a small vignette into our non-photolives. We hope we didn’t disappoint!





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