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Behind the Scenes 2017

This is our very first entry in the 2018 year, and we are starting off with a few laughs too many at our behind the scenes post! This is our annual-funny faces- what really happens- to get the shot post. We say this often, and we can’t say it enough, that we’re incredibly blessed to have the jobs we do.

We’ve been all over the world this past 2017 year, from Paris to Guatemala and then our home in the Bay Area. There are some missing pieces in here from many moments throughout the year, but we managed to scramble up these few. We like to say that we are picture ready at all times, but really, we’re so focused on being present with our clients that we let our serious faces get the better of us and often get capture mid-sentence. From vineyards to mountains, to the Ritz in SF, our own wedding venue location, we got to be a part of some extraordinary stories.

We’re getting ready for some lovely weddings this year as well as to open up a couple of different genres in our business that will be challenging but just like this past year – rewarding. Until this 2018 year unwinds, we’ll be able to have some variety in our behind the scenes. From lighting, to test shooting, to just positioning ourselves, these are snippets into our world. Hope you enjoy and laugh or two. You’ll see that there’s this little march that I have when just turning away from our clients…Another exampleSometimes this guy gets in the way, but then

Photographing these ladies from Salt Spell was one of the highlights of May 2017.Another example..Just after the DJ closes the dance floor we have time for last picture, the whole teamScouting adventures…That one time our editor Joy Danielle came with her husband all the way Missouri and the night ended in our studio. Lover’s Lane with all the lovers in San Francisco…
Victor loves to just focus with and without his camera.
Did you get the shot? We love when churches have open balconies…
That one time we actually felt a little butterfly flutter when positioning everybody. All 32 of the bridal party members. And we checked, still isn’t close to breaking the world record of the largest bridal party.We love to tell our couples ‘how to sit.’
Again, our expertise really is in positioning everybody’s feet 😉 Let’s go this way or maybe that-a-way.
We also specialize in making you laugh. These are some of the rare times when a guest will ask us to photograph them photographing us…Oh we love cuddles in gardens…Victor taking in the view but also forgetting that we’re on a timeline!Our assistant, Tony, standing in for a lighting test. Yup, just get in the shot again, Victor… When we end up becoming friends with our couples, it’s the best… Photographing this somewhat large bridal party in front of a private estate.
When you literally jump the fence just to capture this moment (and I was in a skirt 😉Wineries, are some of our favorite locations especially when a rose is part of the transaction.
Sometimes, it gets intense in our conversations…Just kidding, but little guidelines are always helpful we find. May we introduce you, Victor, the professional dress hanger…& professional test subject.Again, guidelines…Get low…Get low and low, so low.When you arrive a tad earlier than the bride so you test shoot on yourself..Again, wineries our favorite.Victor test lighting in our studio plus our last shoot of the 2017 year on the right!This was one of our favorites, showing our 3-year old nephew how to photograph…




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