Casa Real Ruby Hill Winery Wedding: Stephanie & Jeff

The December day came and left them almost speechless. Jeff grabbed his bride by her hand with the biggest smile and the middle of their dance floor took her out for a spin. He slid in a backward direction a la Michael Jackson with a confidence while Stephanie smiled the biggest smile as they made their way. Their romantic pride, the joy and the vibrancy of laughter radiated in the room from which derived from months of wedding planning, years of memories and a lifetime of stories. All of these things came together that night in the presence of their friends and family.

Their quirky personalities, interest in all things anime and being keen on the 20 art deco designs fused into their wedding day. Stephanie was particular in her font selection and Jeff in the music playlist. Their hearts were to make this day as personal as possible and that you could easily see it in every detail.

Although the aesthetics played a role in their wedding day, it took second place to what their true intent was–to honor their families. Their wedding day was an evening that when their guests first entered, you were greeted with familiar smiles of the grandparents. Pictures adorned the mantles of a different time where each face had passed on to a better life. Stephanie and Jeff recognized their heritage and everything they have inherited and look forward to passing that on to their future generations.

Stephanie and Jeff, we are so glad that we had a taste of your lives together. We knew that night was hard not to tear away from the dance floor. We’re inspired by your moves and groove and are convinced that Casa Real at Ruby Hill heard the steps of everyone hitting the dance floor. We learned that no matter what may have come our way, you can always dance to the beat of your own heart. Thank you for having us, treating us like one your precious guests. God bless!





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