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Chateaux Carsix, France Wedding: Film Photography Workshop part 2

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I think it was the second day that I finally got to France time where reality sunk in. I basked under the forecasted French Sun, and I couldn’t believe that I was there. There was a breadth of opportunities to learn and not just from our teacher Kayla Barker but also her guests from different industries. I also cherished the many moments to speak to colleagues and now friends, on bits and pieces on how they run their businesses. It was a breath of fresh air that I wasn’t the only one struggling with some things in the business. I felt challenged and after doing a doubleheader the days before, I was urged to slow down. Slow down and really see what I was capturing and to honor the different contributing artists and their vision. I had traveled all this way, and I was more than determined to walk away so full I had to unbutton my creative pants.

From listening to Kayla while we were shooting to taking in Danielle’s perspective in the wedding publication world as well as to drink in some of Joy Proctor’s creative talents, I realized we’re all in a process. I realized that no matter how many years you have in the industry, in your business, pursuing your dream, there will never be a moment where you can say ‘I have arrived.’ There’s so much more; more levels to reach, more pictures to be produced and more inspiration out there. These were my 3 biggest takeaways.

1. Slow down and See. Having been so used to a digital format in a world where almost everything is available instantaneously; I have to really see what I’m doing. Not that I don’t, but I now pay an incredible amount of attention to the background, frames colors and symmetry and every detail that brings out cohesiveness in the image. The phrase, “step back and see the full picture” comes to mind. Sometimes, it’s easy to become very fixated on one detail as opposed to seeing how all details come together (not just in photography but life.)

2. I marveled as Joy took the workshop stage and paid especially close attention to her words: Honor the vision of the contributing artists. Sometimes as a wedding photographer, I stress on the importance of going above and beyond my client’s expectations but neglect to understand the vision of other artists who are putting together incredible craftsmanship for their wedding day as well. Florists, the event designer, the stationary pieces the unique and personalized details made before the wedding day, all these pieces come together in a photograph. As these different artists count on me to photograph their craftsmanship, we also rely on them for every bit of beauty. Being able to capture each piece as they see it is now one of my greatest tasks.

3. Take creative risks. This one should be a no-brainer, but it’s easy to play safe–to remain in your lane. I regard every opportunity to photograph, to capture somebody’s essence is a moment worth doing new things too. After having flown across continents by myself, not knowing one person, and very little knowledge of the French language, I thought to myself if I could do something like that, then I could go farther and beyond in the things I do know. Even if its slightly newer angles, different backdrops, or just method of approaching my subject. Risks will show me how far I can go and how not to stray too far.

After we left, even as I flew from Paris, I felt very nostalgic. I longed for more adventure, more new things, and more of the unknown. Being one of the biggest control-freaks on planet earth, it felt so freeing to let go and to make room for the unimaginable–the impossible even. I thank every colleague who shared a piece of their hearts with me, and to Kayla, I feel that much more richer.

Workshop Host: Kayla Barker
Design & Styling: Joy Proctor
Floral Design: Bows and Arrows
Guest Speaker: Style Me Pretty
Cinematographer: Ale Vidal
Hair and Make-Up: Honorine Makeup Studios 

Paper: Written Word Calligraphy
Gowns: Yolan Cris & Jaclyn Jordanny
Linens: La Tavola Linen
Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes
Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic
Venue: Chateau de Carsix
Engraving: Paper Birch Designs
Candles: Creative Candles
Lingerie: Madeleine Fig
Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab
Film: Fujifilm & Film Supply Club





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