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Dear Victor, Happy Birthday

Dear Victor,

So you’re off to get your regular haircut right now with your favorite barber in preparation for our wedding today. But I had to take a few minutes to say how grateful I am that you’re reaching another milestone in life. I know you would love to hang out watching the sunset with your favorite Italian brew, but you wanted to shoot this beautiful wedding with me at the place that we once got married.

I love how you feed Sonny and Cher. I love how you stop everything even where we’re on the road to be able to talk with your sister in Guatemala. I love how you enjoy my cooking even if the pasta is not al dente. I love how you’re a morning bird and will be up even before I can wink. I love that you take your time in everything and am slowly accepting the fact that you just dance to your own rhythm. I love how you will give me 20-second hugs. I love that you change my name every day. I love how you serve. I love how loyal you are, to friends, family, and work. I love how you cannot for the life of you, sit still. I love how you cannot sleep without socks on. I love how you love.

You’ve taught me to be stronger and to be wiser. You teach me every day to be patient to give thanks even when it gets tough. You taught me to be a better friend and set the ‘spouse’ bar high. So much, that you inspire me to be a better wife, partner and thus a better artist.

Words cannot fathom how grateful I am for your 37th year of life. There are not enough posts, entries pictures that can fully encircle our story, but I just hope that will continue to celebrate more years together. September 15th got better when you hit this planet earth. Happy Birthday, amor. Te amo incondicionalmente y para siempre. -Tiki

Gear Used: Canon 1V, 50mm 1.2

Scans: The Richard Photo Lab





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