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Local Travel Guide to Napa: Domaine Carneros Winery

It was early Monday morning when I opened up the curtains and couldn’t believe that ashes were flying from the sky. The sun was in a permanent glow sunset state, and the air was hazy beyond clouds, but it was not a pretty sight. Slightly confused, I found that friends confirmed that there was massive wildfire taking over the Northern Bay Area quickly traveling south. Even though it’s been a few weeks since then, the somber feeling of people losing their precious homes and even jobs has been lingering all over.

After reading and scrolling through social media and hearing the news, it’s easy to believe as if there weren’t any wineries left near our home area. Even though were many beautiful vineyards that were impacted, thankfully, many were not.

Victor and I are incredibly blessed to have many opportunities to photograph in the vineyards of our beautiful wine country. It’s because of lovely locations like this that we have jobs and we don’t take for granted. That’s why on our of days off, we decided to venture out to wine country to get a tour and maybe have a taste of Napa. Domaine Carneros was just a short 30-minute drive away from our home and was also closed for several days after the wildfires had spread. Victor and I decided to visit and photograph our experience with the intention to spread some Napa love.

The Domaine Carneros winery gave us a big welcome with its’ grand staircase entrance almost alluding to one of those scenes in the Hunger Games (The President’s Snow Mansion). We had made a reservation a day before and arrived a little late, (we underestimated the power of the new Netflix documentary series of Kate Castillo’s and its compelling power for binging). Our server was a fountain of knowledge and paved for a great experience. We had the perfect bubbly with cheese and compote jam that paired perfectly with the view of the hills and many wineries still standing. The chateau charm of the winery was a nice touch of France, and we were so grateful to know that their many wines can be found at Whole Foods and other local shops.

We encourage you to support Napa if you’re in the Bay Area and if not, make a special trip out here or order some online. It’s a little bit of a Tuscan experience with California Vibes and a fantastic community thriving in the aftermath of hardship.





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