Rengstorff House, Engagement Session: Christina & Troy

Amidst the crowds, the lines, the overwhelming and whimsical feeling of being in Disneyland they were both excited. Although, you could argue that Troy was a little bit more excited by holding on firmly to the small box in his pocket. Christina was eager and dressed in Minney fashion holding on to her favorite mouse.

Troy planned it to the nine. To commemorate the wonderful feeling of being in Disneyland, they stopped at a caricature artist for their cartoon portrait. They both stayed still for a bit while the artist went to work while also connivingly being a part of Troy’s genius plan. As she went to reveal their portrait, she went ahead and drew an extra element– a ring. Christina was a bit puzzled, and when she realized, Troy was on his knee making his official grand gesture. He opened the box and asked her to be his wife, his forever Disney partner and future. Christina teared up, held her hand to her mouth in utter surprise and could barely bring herself to say ‘yes’ from the overwhelming feeling. A crowd had gathered around them all while a stranger had recorded the happy to moment for them to remember always.

Right there at that moment, she knew that it was more than a feeling, it was more than just a moment, but a series of seasons strung together by their affection to one another. While they’re on the road to make their promises known to each other in a grand style, they found us. How did we ever get so fortunate to come across their pathway? I’ll never know, but I do know that they’re such incredible human beings. They glow inside out and the perfect match for one another.

Christina has a contagious smile and Troy an animated charm. Troy an eye for detail gathered many objects that represents a little bit of their life together and Christina’s romantic gestures painted a beautiful picture of who they are and who they’ll always be. They easily remember when they first met, and they miss working with each other, but they are looking forward to the many more things life has in store. We believe wholeheartedly that they have yet to scratch the surface of their journey together.

C&T, we are so so so thankful for the two of you. Your kind hearts and generosity is one that has touched us incredibly. We are trying to find an excuse to be in your neck of the woods so we can soon taste that one place in Los Gatos Christina talked so much about! Till April! PS: No Chandler-effect here Troy!

Location: Rengstorff House, Mountain View, CA (by permit only)
Gear used: Pentax 645n, Canon 1V, Canon 5D3, Fuji Pro 400h
Scans: The Find Lab


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  1. Albert Peredia says:

    Congratulations on a great photo shoot!
    Love the black and white pictures with the colorful ones.

  2. Bhaargavi says:

    Love this !

  3. Karen says:

    Love the photos! You guys look so cute!…And the blog got me a little teary.

  4. Ken Peredia says:

    What an incredible example of true love! Your pictures look fantastic!