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Local Travel Guide: San Francisco Bay Area Aviation Tour

She called me or more so, texted me first. Its as if she was easing me into the idea and then using her inevitable 30th something birthday as the reason to schedule it. A part of my heart started to flutter almost as if I was waiting to hear news. But there was no news, and as I flipped over to my agenda to “check” to see if my schedule was free, it was. I dreaded it for a second. That next Tuesday would be the day where my best friend talked me into taking a private aviation tour of the Bay Area. Here’s something about me: I only fly because I have to. If there were some sort of train express that could somehow travel 500 miles per hour, believe me, I’d book the first ticket available to anywhere. So flying on a voluntary basis is not my typical Tuesday afternoon kind of activity.

We were driving off to the Hayward airport. I’d never seen Evelyn so excited except when she got her first car. So I knew right there and then that every breath of anxiety and nervousness was in a way worth it. Things became a complete reality when reading the contract and saw that fatality could be a 1% possibility or even less than that. My heart and mind raced faster, but I was somehow soothed by the kindness of our pilot. He explained in so many ways how the jet could glide through the air much like a paper airplane if the motor were to fail.

We took off and watching my beautiful Bay Area from an aerial view slowly dissipated my worst fears. Our pilot graciously explained what he was doing and why in efforts to soothe us or more me (Evelyn was perfectly content and even flew the plane hereself). So funny, but as soon as I started to capture the magic from the air, I somehow relaxed. My camera an extension of my heart, let me focus on the beauty and forget about the worries. I realized that maybe I might be one of the only photographers to have a unique capture from the Golden Gate Bridge like shown below. So instead I just became grateful, smiled and pretended that Evelyn wasn’t flying the plane and that all was as it should be.

After landing, naturally, I kissed the ground but then was ever so excited to have gotten these captures. I am grateful that my beloved friend pushed me outside my comfort zone to see things from another view. I’d say the best view. You can find some of these captures in our Etsy shop. After this experience, I feel so humbled that we get to live here–one of the most coveted places in the world I think.

Length of tour: 1 hour with takeoff and landing
Where: Hayward Executive Airport
Aviation Co.: Hayward Flight
Cost: about $179/person
Suitable for up to 3 people

One of my favorite. This is available here

Gear used: Canon 1V, 35mm 1.4 Sigma Art Lens

Film Scans & Developed: The Find Lab





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