Lover’s Lane, Presidio San Francisco Engagement Session: Maria & Yianni

Excuse the silence over here; we’ve been so caught up with capturing the end of summer couples getting wedded and a busy season after returning from the Euro-tour! We have tons of pretty imagery and stories to tell. Victor just returned from a last-minute trip to Guatemala, and we’re announcing something big soon!

Maria and Yianni are two of the sweetest souls that we’ve had the pleasure to meet and photograph. It was no secret that they both had some experience in front of the camera but even more so, that they are head over heels in love with one another, kind of like reach-for-the-stars, ball over the fence, sunset views, winning-the-world series kind of love. She proclaimed her love for him at the ripe age of 10. They had known each other since they could barely remember and their big Grecian families are very close. Maria unabashedly declared that she would wed Yianni one day even though he wasn’t aware of it at the time. Being a true go-getter, Maria eventually caught his eye years later. She kept records of her growing ‘crush’ on him and deep down never lost hope that may be one day they could be together.

Life caught up with Yianni, and he kept in touch with Maria. They both started conversing more and more and what was meant-to-be took a turn of things 6 years ago. They became official, and life became unimaginable without each other. He surprised her with a ring earlier this year in beautiful Monterey. They were just taking in the view and watching each wave crash the shore. It was slightly breezy, but they held each other closer, and all that mattered in the world slowly became silent while Yianni proposed. Maria, surprised, accepted and they began their venture to plan their big and lovely Greek Wedding.

We met with them at the Lover’s Lane in the Presidio, and it was a bit windy and chilly. Maria bared the weather and Yianni being the gentleman that he is, would take off his jacket to warm her. They walked hand in hand, kissed slightly by the sun while their silhouettes got lost in the lines of Eucalyptus trees. They were just about getting ready to leave for their Greek trip days before, and they mentioned delicious places to dine for authentic Grecian affair in San Francisco. They were in a pivotal moment, and all the beautiful emotions that came with that season were captured. Baker’s Beach didn’t hold back, and the open sky gave us beautiful light. It was as if SF was sending them on their way to an unforgettable summer.

Maria & Yianni, we couldn’t be any happier with having met you two. We love everything about your story and have to get the names of those restaurants again! We wish you nothing more than more love for many more years to come!

Gear Used: Canon 5D3’s, Canon 1V, Pentax 645n

Locations: Lover’s Lane, Presidio San Francisco & Baker Beach

Scans: Photovision





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