Welcome to our new online home! | Tanya & Victor new website « Tanya & Victor

Welcome to our new online home! | Tanya & Victor new website

We finally managed to sneak in some time to just sit and write this to you. We’re at this fly-on-a-wall coffee shop ready to meet with some possible new clients, and we can’t help but be grateful. Amidst our busy summer wedding season, we managed to launch our new online home. Every detail and piece of writing came from our hearts. Our thoughtful-talented-intelligent-mama-to-be-for the second time Ravyn from Three Fifteen Design Studio in Portland, Oregon was patient and oh-so-gracious with us every step of the way. She gravitated to our ‘old world’ style and ‘out of this universe’ kind of love. We had so many ideas, so much to share, and so much to express that the only way to filtrate that was through her excellent design.

We are so humbled to have this new season start while also cherishing our former home of Serafin Love.com. It’s been a journey of late nights, brainstorming on three cups of coffee or more, collecting photos, pinning, journaling, etc. It took us a year while balancing a steady season of work and photographing people.

There was a moment or two where I thought maybe we should just give up and tell Ravyn we can’t proceed. Finances, workload, personal issues sometimes came up and Victor, being his courageous self, pulled me by the hand to keep going. It’s easy to throw in the towel, and it also can get easy just to stay stagnant. We decided to erase any idea of perfection that we had in our heads and just be ourselves.

We wholeheartedly believe in serving people. Serving them with love, humility, and joy. It is our truest wish to share with everyone our endeavors, our accomplishments, our story. Thanks for reading and now the premier of our new ‘about us’ video!





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