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Announcing our 2017 Holiday Sessions!

I’ve written time after time why this time of year means so much personally. Even though it’s just Victor and me for now plus our two pups, we consider our selves to be a small family. I am a 1st generation American born, and this privilege allowed me to experience very hardworking ethic in our home. My mom was a working mom and my dad had his own small business while pastoring a church. We very infrequently sat at the dinner table in the evenings to talk about our day and share a meal, because they were always working providing for my two brothers and me. But when this time of the year came, my mom would spend a little extra time making dinner to be special and dad had us pray thanks together for all the blessings we had. I felt as if some of those movies we would watch about the Holidays came to life in our small house. My mom would take us on a special trip just to see ornaments and for the first time one year, saved up to buy a tree for us. That feeling was so unreal because it felt like the Holiday magic came to visit us for once.

Over here at the T&V household, we adore Christmas and all the joy that it brings. We believe in families and that these are special times even with everything going on in the world. We believe that these are times to hold on to each other extra tight and to be grateful for the many blessings we get to experience every day regardless of the challenging times.

Our annual Holiday sessions, where we photograph families on this special time of year, is a way to commemorate that sort of magic. As we look back with Victor we realize we were two very lucky kids to have grown up the way we did. And the photographs from our families together bring us back to those moments in time where life was always blissful and merry.

Feel free to see more our information on our Holiday sessions here. We’re now holding in studio Holiday sessions with a unique design set only on November 25th and we currently have 5 spots available. Our studio is in San Rafael, CA. Let us know if you have any questions by emailing

Our heart is to commemorate families coming together and capturing their legacy in time. Book here now!





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