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It’s been a couple of months now since we got back from our Euro travels and I can finally say that I have...



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A Grandview Classic affair She turned around the corner to meet him. She took a deep breath with the feeling of butterflies fluttering everywhere. Troy faced the direction of the view–the Grand view of beautiful San Jose and its majestic mountains towering the city. He looked on until he felt the touch of Christina light […]

A Californian Cowboy Wedding Affair It wasn’t exactly a shotgun wedding, but it had all kinds of shotguns around because this wasn’t just a wedding, no this was a ‘weddin’ day (cue the slight tang). Susan and Clayton’s cowboy wedding day took place in Clayton’s family ranch, the Wiedemann Ranch in Pleasanton. The whole ranch […]

The Perfect ballad played and Ed Sheeran made them sway side to side holding on to each other. It was a sweet moment. Everybody watched them on the dance floor while each lyric narrated a piece of their hearts for one another. When the line “’Cause we were just kids when we fell in love […]

While we are in the hustle and bustle of our full-on wedding season (hence the crickets over here on our blog feed) we are segmenting days on our calendars to meet with our T&V Brides and grooms before their wedding day. This kind of meeting is almost 100% must for us and vastly improves our […]

The December day came and left them almost speechless. Jeff grabbed his bride by her hand with the biggest smile and the middle of their dance floor took her out for a spin. He slid in a backward direction a la Michael Jackson with a confidence while Stephanie smiled the biggest smile as they made […]

It was November time, and the living felt breezy in beautiful Monterey for Jenn and Rob’s wedding day. The 2 years of planning seemed short, and it was just a matter of hours where they could finally say ‘I do’ to one another. The waters obeyed their intended affairs and their heart while the tides remained […]

She was more than ready, and he bared his gallant grim any chance he could. Her bridal chambers were full of excitement and Elliot was getting impatient waiting to see Isobel. Having already somewhat rehearsed this day at her brother’s Kenny’s wedding a couple of years ago, Isobel had a certain calmness and assurance for […]

They had made a virtual connection, and it translated to one in person. Being an hour away from each other didn’t get in the way in the early beginning of their relationship. They decided to set their first date taking a stroll around the renowned Stanford campus where Michael coaches the track and field team. […]

There was a little bit of resistance on her side at first, but he eventually got her number even though it was through one of her friends. Their story started during their college career where they were both intensely focused on their athletics goals, so they stayed in touch throughout the years that passed by. Ryan […]

See part 1 here I think it was the second day that I finally got to France time where reality sunk in. I basked under the forecasted French Sun, and I couldn’t believe that I was there. There was a breadth of opportunities to learn and not just from our teacher Kayla Barker but also […]