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It’s been a couple of months now since we got back from our Euro travels and I can finally say that I have...



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It was a simple introduction. Cyrell’s best friend since middle school introduced Ali to her. There were no expectations and they exchanged hello’s and went on their way. It probably was chance or the normal course of life, but they found themselves spending more and more time with their group of mutual friends. They were […]

She had only exchanged some casual words with him in the pristine white corridors of the cosmetic counters at Macy’s. They were just co-workers then, kind of like retail ‘colleagues’ if you will. They had no intention then or maybe a slight wither of hope of a new friendship emerging. They bonded over their mutual […]

It had been a couple of years since they first laid eyes on each other at their workplace. They worked great together, got things done efficiently in the most productive manner, but their teamwork chemistry continued after hours. Nick was slightly in a different chapter, and Kara was smitten with his caring ways and authentic […]

They were just kids when they fell in love. And as Ed Sheeran romantically puts it, they probably didn’t know what it was. In the middle of a small town in Illinois, there were two teenagers in high school awkwardly chatting and maybe even pretending not to be so cold under the snow. What ended […]

Life had presented them the opportunity to meet, at a distance. Being on opposite sides of the country, Anabel tried to resist his virtual charm. Sal, had his eyes set on her and he didn’t give up trying to win her over. She knew he was somebody she wanted to stay in touch with, so […]

She thought it was just another day in the City, San Francisco. At first she felt a little unsure about Ken’s confidence in their day plans as she always had some sort of say in their choice of events. But Ken was precise. He had a plan and help to carry out the most significant […]

It was just about 3 years ago when they first laid eyes on each other unknowing of what their future held for them. It was an unexpected beginning of many chapters ahead. Susan was open-hearted to Clayton’s boy-next-door charm and Susan being a stunner of beauty Clayton was smitten too. The first season of their […]

It was a day like no other a few years ago. Almost like yesterday. It was almost like it was planned with mutual friends involved. They met at the beach where the day started bright, and it ended in a casual dinner with everybody. They had exchanged so many thoughts, ideas and plans that it […]

It wasn’t an exactly love at first sight kind of meeting, but it was definitely a writing kind of meeting. They were both set on looking for new activities to do on campus. So Stephanie decided to join a co-ed fraternity. It was initiation night and not just for official enrollment into the fraternity; a […]

Picture this, literally, a romance amidst the workplace, but not just any workplace. This workplace is one full of the unexpected, full of people, caring people and sick people. They met working in the ER, him being an attending and she was in the middle of completing her residency but the chemistry was inevitable, and […]