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It’s been a couple of months now since we got back from our Euro travels and I can finally say that I have...



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It was recently my 30th birthday. Recently as in June, early June. We love to showcase our work and findings, plus these milestones in our lives. When I first started our photography studio business, I was oblivious to many things, but never did I think I would discover so much about myself. So now at […]

Call us crazy. Call us romantics. Call us whatever you may, but know that we are uber excited to announce here that we’re headed to Europe once again! Last year, you can read here, we had the supreme and life-long dream come true of visiting one of our bucket-list places: Paris, Rome and London! Talk […]

See our first week in Guatemala chronicles here. During our second week in our Guatemalan travels, the new year quickly approached, and we got news that Victor’s grandmother wasn’t doing too well. While we had a checklist of things that we wanted to see and do, we decided to put those in the back-burner for […]

It had been 15 years since Victor spent a Christmas with his family. With his recent promotion in immigration status, we booked our tickets (thanks to our Papa Chene, Victor’s dad,) and we took off just about 2 days before Christmas Eve which is really Christmas but slightly more explosive. He wore his heart on […]

You have most of your checklist checked off and about to close the luggage or zip it all up before heading to the airport. Most likely, you’ve been looking forward to the trip and the next adventure, and if you’re like me you’ve been tallying up the days until take off! You have a hat, […]

She called me or more so, texted me first. Its as if she was easing me into the idea and then using her inevitable 30th something birthday as the reason to schedule it. A part of my heart started to flutter almost as if I was waiting to hear news. But there was no news, […]

Right after our European tour last year, I realized that I had grown so much more pride for my home in the Bay Area. We live in a world-renowned location, and I’d only gone to discover beautiful sceneries in Napa when photographing weddings. I realized that Victor and I live just 20 minutes away from […]

In our last weeks before we take off on ‘holiday’ to Guatemala, we couldn’t help but reminisce about our brief time in London during our European travels. Everything we saw was almost from another world, and we can completely understand why it gets its famous ‘Old World’ title as many travelers refer to it. I […]

It was early Monday morning when I opened up the curtains and couldn’t believe that ashes were flying from the sky. The sun was in a permanent glow sunset state, and the air was hazy beyond clouds, but it was not a pretty sight. Slightly confused, I found that friends confirmed that there was massive […]

I’ve written time after time why this time of year means so much personally. Even though it’s just Victor and me for now plus our two pups, we consider our selves to be a small family. I am a 1st generation American born, and this privilege allowed me to experience very hardworking ethic in our […]