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It’s been a couple of months now since we got back from our Euro travels and I can finally say that I have...



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Paris Travel Guide

Call us crazy. Call us romantics. Call us whatever you may, but know that we are uber excited to announce here that we’re headed to Europe once again! Last year, you can read here, we had the supreme and life-long dream come true of visiting one of our bucket-list places: Paris, Rome and London! Talk […]

“My family is everything. It’s my legacy, my reason for being and my ground I step on to reach” Professor Huerta graciously declared while we asked him what family means to him. Words could never ring any truer especially this Holiday season. Marco and his lovely wife got married just about 10 years ago and […]

We got the privilege of photographing Katy Birds Shop a couple of weeks ago. Katy and Maria from Studio Wildflower invited me to shoot their take on holiday stylings this year. It’s no secret, but there gathering happening in the workplace to intimate family settings and everybody at some point has to stop and dine […]

Amidst the crowds, the lines, the overwhelming and whimsical feeling of being in Disneyland they were both excited. Although, you could argue that Troy was a little bit more excited by holding on firmly to the small box in his pocket. Christina was eager and dressed in Minney fashion holding on to her favorite mouse. […]

I’ve written time after time why this time of year means so much personally. Even though it’s just Victor and me for now plus our two pups, we consider our selves to be a small family. I am a 1st generation American born, and this privilege allowed me to experience very hardworking ethic in our […]

Excuse the silence over here; we’ve been so caught up with capturing the end of summer couples getting wedded and a busy season after returning from the Euro-tour! We have tons of pretty imagery and stories to tell. Victor just returned from a last-minute trip to Guatemala, and we’re announcing something big soon! Maria and […]

Cupid brought them together. The arrow aimed at the target. Their first date was the bullseye. Their brief encounter online had carried over to a mutually available meeting. It was awkward at first, but they quickly moved on and realized they had more things in common than differences. Jenn’s unique quirks were a match for […]

It wasn’t love at first sight, and their story didn’t begin in high school. They met briefly at school although it skipped Francisco’s mind that he had seen her before. Their social circles brought them together, and they eventually started to spend time together. Their friendship kindled and their attraction for one another inevitable. Two […]

It was a few years ago when Elliot first laid eyes on Isobel. There wasn’t a beat to be missed and no second longer could pass by when Elliot decided to make his move. He knew he had to meet her. It was like the lyrics of a song or a really good sitcom scene. […]

It was almost 13 years ago and a few months when Rubi was sitting in the 2nd to back row of her Spanish class at Skyline High school. Maybe for a moment or two daydreaming became part of the daily lesson