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We laugh, and then we become quiet listening to the sound of traffic, the old bolero music sounds from the stereo and waiting what the other will say next.



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It’s been a couple of months now since we got back from our Euro travels and I can finally say that I have...








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High School sweethearts and they kept growing together with each year that went by. They traveled from their cabin in Tahoe to exchange vows in the beautiful San Francisco City Hall. Their friends from near and far traveled to San Francisco to witness them make life-long promises to each other. Jason couldn’t contain his joy. […]

It was like a dream. Everything I had worked for, Victor had worked for, surmounted to this. Every year Victor and I set aside for our business expenses a budget for our continuing education in our craft and business management skills. This time last year we decided to go big. We believe in education and […]

Her gaze moved to the floor softly. Her dear sister began to give a few words of gratitude to all those who were present. Everyone went quiet. She spoke about how things aligned in a divine kind of a way. She didn’t doubt that even though their precious mother couldn’t be there with them that […]

Clients always ask us what are some of our favorite parts of weddings. I love people and details. I love to hear people speak their own words of appreciation for the couple when its time for speeches and toasts. Victor always says that he likes to watch the daughter and father dance for his reason […]

We have been holding out on you. We took our time in sharing this wedding because it’s one that is ever so precious for our books because of these two souls: Anne and Steve. Their wedding took place in a garden that hosted our own. You can say we’re a little biased and maybe unfair, […]

As you’ve probably read from our previous post, we cannot complain about an awesome-challenging-beautiful-sometimes unexpected 2017 year. We had the esteemed chance to be a tiny part of 20 new families. Families we wholeheartedly know will triumph, grow, change, but ever remain in love. We peered into many personal stories, witnessed once-in-a-lifetime moments and just […]

Santa Cruz never looked better. With its coastal laid back feel and the tall redwood trees towering over the biggest celebration of Jessica and Nick’s life. She looked excited with the utmost concerns for those around her’s well being. Nick poured his heart in one of the deepest romantics letters that would rival any of […]

This day was over 13 years in the making. They were in about their third year of dating when they came to a beautiful church being erected right there next Lake Merrit. Rubi secretly confided in Misa that she would one day like to get married there. Fast forward to almost 10 years, and there […]

It was more than ten years ago to the day when they first met. They were young with long roads ahead and eager to fulfill their dreams –dreams that they had set out to pursue when they first came to this country. His brother firmly held to his champagne glass while Rigo took a moment […]

This was it. This was the day they had waited for more than a few years. Jennifer and Phillip took it with ease as they both delved into a new season of their life together. They came back to Phillip’s Alma mater campus. Although, this time, this time it wasn’t to visit any professors or […]