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It’s been a couple of months now since we got back from our Euro travels and I can finally say that I have...



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If you know us, you already know that we are a pair of nostalgic souls and have an appreciation so deep for the old world. If you didn’t know this, then, now you do. We love history and are nerds when it comes to costume dramas and baroque furnishings, and everything previously loved. So when […]

With every opportunity, we get to photograph weddings and branding shoots that require a little bit more arsenal to supplement our gear, we bring these kinds of boards. We never know what kind of lighting and environment we’re going to get and very often these tend to become a lifesaver. As you may have read, […]

See part 1 here I think it was the second day that I finally got to France time where reality sunk in. I basked under the forecasted French Sun, and I couldn’t believe that I was there. There was a breadth of opportunities to learn and not just from our teacher Kayla Barker but also […]

How we curate details for a wedding day There’s a couple of things that I keep up my sleeve on wedding days. Ok, maybe more than a couple of things. I consider shoots especially wedding days to be unpredictable full of the unexpected, detailed and organically beautiful. If you know me, you’ll know that I […]

It was like a dream. Everything I had worked for, Victor had worked for, surmounted to this. Every year Victor and I set aside for our business expenses a budget for our continuing education in our craft and business management skills. This time last year we decided to go big. We believe in education and […]

We’ve hesitated to post about this for a while because we consider this part of our business to be a most sacred part. Victor and I had been hopping around all over the Bay Area looking for the perfect place we can host client meetings and have a space to get away from our home […]

Today we’re ready to share something not quite aesthetically pleasing. As you might’ve guessed from some our random instastories last month we’ve been renovating our space–our studio space.  Although, we work very hard to curate online galleries as well as to show stories that could assimilate almost as if you’re there by appreciating every beautiful […]

Amidst the whole rebranding process comes about a fresh look, logo and *drumroll*

Last year when Victor and I talked about designing our own shoot, it seemed like ways away. After shooting and serving over 30 new families in 2016, we wanted to have something to look forward that was our own,

How do you choose that spot, the one spot to capture the first part of your wedding trajectory? Where will the pictures make the official announcement of your intended pledges to forever? How and when? Is it necessary? These are all but very common questions. I was absolutely torn when planning for my own engagement […]