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We laugh, and then we become quiet listening to the sound of traffic, the old bolero music sounds from the stereo and waiting what the other will say next.



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It’s been a couple of months now since we got back from our Euro travels and I can finally say that I have...








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Ever since I discovered Rachel Ashwell back in 2006 and her love of flea finds I thought somebody finally spoke my language. She coined the ‘shabby chic’ term and I was converted. Having already a knack for finding cute clothes at thrift stores and vintage shops, I figured that rummaging through flea markets wouldn’t be […]

We got the privilege of photographing Katy Birds Shop a couple of weeks ago. Katy and Maria from Studio Wildflower invited me to shoot their take on holiday stylings this year. It’s no secret, but there gathering happening in the workplace to intimate family settings and everybody at some point has to stop and dine […]

I remember that feeling when Abuelita Tini got up to her room. Her fragile hands were carrying a big suitcase, probably from the 70’s or so. Inside were hundreds of prints, photos, and polaroids from her lifetime. She elegantly displayed it over her bed sheets, and her kids and grandkids surrounded the scattered treasures.

For those who live spontaneously… Maybe this sweet hearted day slipped through your brain and maybe by the time you were scrolling on your social media feeds you saw two kinds of players, those who are not the biggest fans of Valentine’s day and those who

© Victor Rodriguez Having a hard time selecting your best man? The wedding day gets closer, and the ‘to-do’ list gets smaller and while your dear bride has almost everything ready and planned from colors to menu stationery and her bridesmaids. You have someone in mind that can take the role of the Best Man. […]

With the Holidays around the corner, some of us can already be exhausted before stepping into stores. Some may resort to trusty Amazon prime; others can pop in and out of CVS for a gift card or two and there those who decide to hand-make their gifts. I have contemplated all of these options.

How do you choose that spot, the one spot to capture the first part of your wedding trajectory? Where will the pictures make the official announcement of your intended pledges to forever? How and when? Is it necessary? These are all but very common questions. I was absolutely torn when planning for my own engagement […]

Something we love at weddings is taking photos of the guests dressed up to the nine with the newlyweds. It’s such a blissfully wonderful time, and there’s nothing but smiles, laughter and loud congratulatory clamor in the air. At times, Victor and I work with photo booth companies who take pictures of the guests having […]

In a digital age where everything is stored in a virtual world of phones, tablets, laptops (you get the point), I challenged myself to see my work come alive. Rather than relying on Facebook or Instagram’s user-friendliness, I’m challenging myself to print my work, and photos to see them daily and to remind myself of […]

I remember knowing even before Victor proposed what my colors were going to be for my special day. Before details, flowers arrangements and details can be decided, the preliminary unasked question is what are the wedding theme colors? I often ask my brides this question in preparation for their big day because it’s so important […]