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We laugh, and then we become quiet listening to the sound of traffic, the old bolero music sounds from the stereo and waiting what the other will say next.



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It’s been a couple of months now since we got back from our Euro travels and I can finally say that I have...








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All it took was one click, and they instantly connected virtually. They agreed to meet, although Jennifer intended it to be a brief date their instant connection said otherwise. Their second date led from a brunch get together and ended it with an evening in search of dinner. They didn’t anticipate that their second date […]

Though their introduction to each other was an instant and brief one online, they found to have probably met in past lives before.

She was working as the host, welcoming and smiling to everybody who came in with her usual kind and friendly flair. He would come in usually after

They agreed. The feeling was almost mutual. They had a virtual connection, which led to a first date. Faith recommended going

They’re eyes crossed amidst their educational journeys in France, Paris to be exact. They were there to extend their careers but were in for more than they planned. Mengru had known Su from their high school year in Shanghai, but their real journey together started after

She had studied hard for the exam. Spent countless hours in her typical overachiever freshman fashion to be the top of the class, set a new bar if you will. Biology doesn’t come easy to everybody, and when she got her final results,

My brothers and I grew up attached at the hip. We bonded over our mutual love of Sailor Moon, Pokemon and all of the hit shows of the 90’s on Cartoon Network. Saturday mornings were spent lounging on the sofa with cereal remains on the floor in pajamas enacting whatever was on the Disney Channel. […]

It was forecasted to rain. It was predicted to pour. Their day had dawned differently from what they had originally planned. Amanda had it all sketched out with colors and all. Wil had been ready from the moment he proposed. Alas, Mother Nature threw a curve ball and their plans altered. Although the picture was […]

In the middle of our current season, we’ve been from wine country to coastal destination places like Monterey and Yosemite just to name a few. Serving our couples is truly an esteemed privilege and one that we don’t hold lightly.

They had met once before in college. They were different people then but shared aspirations to grow into their fields. Kristen shared mutual friends with Ryan when life was a bit more carefree back then. Eventually, they both moved forward with their lives until they came across each other years later.